Directors and Senior Management, Consultants and Advisory Board have strong management experience and expertise including safe guarding children, formerly directing Social Services, managing and owning foster and family assessment units, managing youth offending teams and project managing for Supported Housing Services.

The Executive Director has also managed several projects for children, families and young adults with mental health issues, substance misuse and she continues to foster teenagers with complex needs. The Management team recruits staff, conducts regular supervision, evaluations and appraisals whilst the Quality Assurance manager carries out spot and routine checks on all units and staff throughout the course of their active duty.Staff manuals are provided to ensure that staff are fully briefed on processes, policies and procedures and are clear about management structure and the reporting line of accountability. On Call managers are on Duty after 5.30pm.

Staff Team
Made up of experienced professional who have worked in Social Services, the Probation Service, Fostering and Adoption, Mental Health and Advocacy Services as well as other semi and Supporting Housing Services for pregnant teenagers, homeless, single and accompanied minors.

The team at Sankofa Care is committed to ensuring that all young people are treated fairly with empathy, dignity and respect at all times. Together we will continue to provide high standard accommodation and structured support services that builds and skills young people in order to prepare them for transitions.