In thinking about fostering, it might be worth considering the types of placements that will suit your living situation and family set-up; some of our carers are approved for all categories of placements, whilst others are approved for only 0 – 10 year olds and Respite.

Short Term

kid5Sally’s mum has been taken into hospital. It is suspected that her mum will need stay there for a couple of months until she is fully recovered. Unfortunately, there is no one else that can care for Sally in her absence. Sally’s mum phones her local authority who then puts her in contact with Social Services. Sally stays with a lovely family for 3 months, visiting her mum in hospital every Saturday. This is an example of short term placement.

Long Term

types-of-placements-img2Shahida is 13 years of age. She doesn’t want to be adopted but understands that she can’t go home either. Her social worker works, taking Shahida’s opinions into consideration, to find Shahida a foster family which she will stay with until she is 18 years of age. This is an example of long term placement.


types-of-placements-img3_newIt’s 11pm. The police find Mark roaming the streets. When they ask him his address, he reluctantly give it to them and he’s insistent that his parents won’t want guests at this hours. After repeated knocking on the door and after checking their systems, they find that Mark’s family is known to Social Services. Mark is taken into care until the Police and Social Services can establish the whereabouts of his parents and whether or not there are any other family members that can look after Mark. This is an example of an emergency placement; generally occuring outside of ‘office hours’. This type of placement could last a couple of hours, a night or could eventually turn into a short or long term placement.


types-of-placements-img4Luke lives at home with his Dad, however from time to time his Dad finds that he need some extra support and time to recharge his batteries.
Luke stays with his other ‘foster’ family one weekend a month. This is an example of a respite placement.

Parent and Child

motherand-baby2Fatima needs to build up her parenting skills before she can care for her son by herself. She agrees to go into foster care with her baby where her skills will be closely monitored and she will have extra support in caring for her child. This is an example of a parent and child placement. It can be long term, short term or ‘task centred’


africanamericankids2Jason and Kyla will not be able to return to their family home. The care plan for these two young boys is adoption. Whilst their local authority finds them a suitable family, they will stay with ‘task centred’ foster carers who will ‘prepare’ them for adoption. This can take a couple of months to a year.