We provide a complete wraparound service at Sankofa Care. Our Multi-disciplinary Team work closely with Local Authorities to ensure that the right support is given to our children and adults. At Sankofa, we cater for children and adults ranging from standard to special needs.

The Sankofa Independent Fostering Agency is part of Sankofa Care Ltd.  It  is both London Care Placement provider and OFSTED registered (SC 386669). We provide the standard short and long term placements, bridging and task based placements, Young Parent and Child and disability placements. As an agency, we believe we stand out because of our ability to provide placement stability; placing and keeping challenging Young Parent and Children, and those with severe disabilities. We also have a number of specialist carers. We also provide the following:

Emergency/Short Term Foster Placements
This is a time-limited, task-focused placement for children and young people. The service provides arrangements for children and young people of all ages for short-term placements to respond to the needs of children who need:

  • A period of assessment to determine appropriate plans
  • Interim placement prior to permanence through reunification with parents, adoption, or a long term foster placement.

Our foster carers are trained to prepare children to be reunited with their families or to move onto adoption or alternative placements positively. The foster carers also contribute to life story work.

Permanent / Long-Term Foster Placements
We also cater for children and young persons who are unlikely to have a change in their home situation in the short-run. Therefore, they may need to stay with foster carer for months or years until they are ready to move out independently.

Respite/Shared Care and Short Breaks
Foster carers are available to provide regular short breaks for children and their families. This Service can support local authorities to arrange for families caring for a child with additional needs to receive regular, planned breaks. These arrangements for regular respite to children living at home will support children in need and prevent the child becoming looked after.

Bridging/Task-Centred Placements
Such placements are often used to prepare children for adoption. In such placements intensive ‘life story’ work will be carried out in order to help a child make sense of the transition from foster home to permanent/adoptive home. Life story work is heavily supported by the child’s social worker in partnership with our able foster carers with support from the agency’s social workers.

Specialist Placements
We believe that Family can play an important role in a child’s life, especially those young people who are being considered as “difficult to place” and therefore, this is the reason we provide specialist fostering. It gives the children and young people with history of placement breakdowns a second chance in their life. We have a proven record of working with vulnerable and difficult to place children.

Mother & Baby Foster Placements
As an agency we pride ourselves on having a number of specialist mother and baby carers specifically recruited from the social care and health sector. They are able to deal with all manner of placements including parental assessments – supervising and monitoring the care of the baby, budgeting and nurturing skills and daily log/report writing. All mother and baby placements are supported heavily by the agency’s social workers.

Remand Foster Care
Sankofa Care Provides placements for children and young people with care histories including criminal and offending behaviours, imminent prospect of custodial care while they are waiting for a trial by the courts. This is an option to residential care.

Therapeutic Fostering
It is a placement where a child or a young person has suffered significant amount og neglect or trauma and would benefit from therapeutic care.  We will therefore provide the child to a supportive family where they can build a relationship based on trust with the foster carer while they are receiving therapy which will assist them to fade those traumatic moments or experienced they endured in the past.

Foster to Adopt and Concurrency Planning
Sankofa Care is keen to develop a Foster to Adopt Service in line with the government agenda for looked after children. Sankofa Care is therefore in the process of developing  policies to reflect the adoption work and recruiting additional suitably qualified and experienced social workers to compliment our current resource and expressed specialism conducting the adoption work. This could be achieved by recruiting sessional social workers who are line managed by a suitably qualified and experienced manager who has at least three years post qualifying experience in adoption. the organisation.

Step-down Placements
We can also provide young people with a chance to live in a stable, nurturing and stable home environment as opposed to residential care homes. As such, Local Authorities are provided with a step-down cost alternative to residential care.  We usually recommend these placements for those who are difficult to place in the mainstream foster care due to their complex needs. Our team of social workers will work closely with our foster carers to deliver intensive and holistic support.

Sankofa Supportive Semi-Independent accommodation for Looked After young people aged 16 and over, who have made sufficient progress in fostering, Residential or Family Assessment Units (Parents and Child referrals). We will work alongside Social Workers and Housing and Assistance with finding move-on accommodation when required. We also offer a short-term emergency accommodation service that makes available a space for those who need a place to reside whilst sorting out any difficulties that they may have.

To bring this to fruition, we have made available three semi-independent units for young people including those who are pregnant or parent/s and child based in North and South London. Having listened to the needs of local authorities we have developed these units to better support young people who have made significant progress within fostering, residential or family assessment units. This service acts as a continuum to the fostering services that we provide and therefore comes with a significant reduction in placement fees enabling local authorities to better meet their constrained budgets.

Canning Road and The Lodge are based in South London and Parkview Lodge is based in North London, with easy and short-distance commute to basic amenities.

They come with a range of support options ranging from low to high levels of support in order to ensure that the young people make a full but steady transition to independence and become fully integrated members of society. Services include up-skilling, helping with budgeting and cooking skills and parenting support and guidance.

The semi-independent service acts as a continuum to the fostering services that we provide and therefore comes with a significant reduction in placement fees enabling local authorities to better meet their constrained budgets.

We warmly welcome any comments, enquiries or suggestions about our services, please contact us direct via email on admin@sankofacare.co.uk or alternatively you could phone us on: 020 8544 5100.

We also have a number of specialist Young Parent and Child carers.

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