Welcome to Sankofa Care

We provide a complete wraparound service; operating as an independent fostering agency we provide the standard short and long term placements, bridging and task based placements, parent and baby and disability placements.

As an agency, we believe we stand out because of our ability to provide placement stability; placing and keeping challenging young people and children; and those with severe disabilities. We also have a number of specialist mother and baby carers.

We also provide high quality semi-independent therapeutic placements for young people aged 16 to 21 years at Park View Lodge, ‘The Lodge’ , parent and baby placements in ‘Canning Road ’ our parent and child provisions and we are in the process of setting up services to provide Adoption Support and a residential home for children with challenging behaviour/complex needs aged 8 to 16 years.

The semi independent service acts as a continuum to the fostering services that we provide and therefore comes with a significant reduction in placement fees enabling local authorities to better meet their constrained budgets.
Based in South London, these two units come with a range of support options ranging from low to high levels of support in order to ensure that our clients make full but steady transition to independence and become fully integrated members of society. Services include up-skilling, parenting support and guidance, helping with budgeting and cooking skills.
Sankofa Care is both Pan London and OFSTED registered (SC 3866609). We continue to work creatively with Local Authorities in placing and supporting their vulnerable ‘Looked After’ Children.

We warmly welcome any comments or suggestions about our services, please contact us direct via email admin@sankofacare.co.uk or Tel: 020 8544 5100.