Supervised Contact and Mentoring
Sankofa Care has provision to provide Contact Facilities located in Mitcham to include supervised contact. We have experienced supervisors who are available to facilitate contact sessions in office hours, evening and weekends. All of our staff have enhanced CRB checks and are fully trained.

Training for Foster Carers
Sankofa Care views training as an important element of support to foster carers. We recognise also that fostering has become increasingly demanding and complex. We are therefore committed to providing good quality training that is accessible and relevant to all our foster carers. We have devised comprehensive pre- and post-approval training which is available on an on-going basis.

Training is provided to:

  • Help foster carers become better at doing their job
  • Improve knowledge, develop and refine skills
  • Establish an explicit, positive framework of values, which promotes equality of opportunity
  • Encourage foster carers to reflect and look at the effects of discrimination and recognise that they care for children, many of whom face discrimination as a part of everyday life by virtue of being ‘looked after’
  • Ensure that all foster carers are competent and confident in safe caring and in protecting children from harm
  • Help foster carers to promote the health and education of children and young people

Support for Foster Carers

Sankofa Care values the work foster carers do and their contribution to the lives of children and young people in their care. Appropriate support for foster families is therefore vitally important to a successful placement.

Sankofa Care provides creative and flexible support arrangements for children and young people and their foster carers. Our close working relationship ensures that the necessary level of support occurs when a child or young person and foster family are ‘matched’ at the placement planning stage. This support is then monitored and adjusted throughout the placement.

Our arrangements include:

  • Supervision and support from a qualified and suitably experienced supervising social worker
  • Frequent visits and regular telephone contact from the supervising social worker
  • A comprehensive post-approval training programme
  • Two weeks respite to give foster carers a break
  • Access to additional respite care when assessed as required to sustain placement
  • Access to support groups and development of support groups for children who foster
  • Access to help from the Online Educational Support Team to support foster carers in negotiating with schools and promoting children and young people’s educational needs. Increased level of educational input can be further negotiated depending on assessed needs.
  • Support from our Mental Health Specialist who will provide expert guidance and support to foster carers of children and young people who are experiencing complex emotional difficulties. Individual therapy can be negotiated where appropriate
  • An allowance for the child that covers the cost of caring for them. The Fostering Allowances and Other Payments booklet will be updated annually and distributed to carers
  • Access to structured Summer Holiday activities with financial support
  • Annual Recognition Award for Carers and Children and Young People