As a Fostering Service, we offer a complete range of placement options to meet the diverse range of needs of Looked After Children. No two children are alike; we therefore aim to cater placements to meet the needs of the child through careful matching, risk assessment and if necessary, additional support packages. We offer foster placements and residential placements as part of our continuum service in providing the best care possible for our Looked After Children.

Emergency/Short term foster placements
The agency provides short term placements for children and young people of all ages who require a period of assessment or an interim placement order prior to permanence through reunification with parents, adoption or a long term placement.

Permanent/ Long term foster placements
Where a decision has been made that the child or young person can not return home or that adoption is not an appropriate option, we offer long term or permanent foster placements. As an agency we work with Local Authorities in planning and facilitating the introduction of children to foster carers and vice versa and supporting foster carers during introduction processes.

Shared care and respite breaks
We support Local Authorities in arranging for families caring for a child with additional needs receive regular, planned breaks. We have approved respite carers that are available during school holidays, weekends or on a needs basis.

Bridging/Task centred placements
These placements are often used to prepare children for adoption. An intensive ‘life story’ work will be carried out during the placement in order to help a child make sense of the transition from foster home to permanent/adoptive home. Life story work is supported by the child’s social worker who will work in partnership with our foster carers with support from the agency’s social workers.

Parent and Baby Placements
As an agency we pride ourselves on having a number of specialist mother and baby carers specifically recruited from the social care and health sector. They are trained to deal with all manner of placements including parental assessments – supervising and monitoring the care of the baby, budgeting and nurturing skills and daily log/report writing. All mother and baby placements are supported heavily by the agency’s social workers.

Post 18+/Staying Put Policy
Similarly, SANKOFA Care is committed to an approach that enables young people to build on and nurture their attachments to their foster families in a positive way.  This enables them to move to independence at their own pace and be supported to make the transition to adulthood gradually, just like the other young people who can rely on their own families for this support.

In line with our commitment to put young people’s views at the centre of all we do, we have listened to our young people voice their opinions and concerns about the timing of moves to greater independence from their final care placement. Sankofa Care therefore takes an active lead role in advocating for children to remain with the carers under staying put or supported lodging arrangement so that they can fulfil their full potential, be it in education, skill training or social/ personal skills development.

Specialist placements
Specialist placements offered by Sankofa Care include;

–          Parent and Baby placements

–          Therapeutic placements

–          Remand placements

–          Disability placements

Please click here to visit our Specialist placements page to find out more

Sankofa Care E-Learning

As part of our standard service, Sankofa Care will provide a minimum of three hours teaching and two hours drop in sessions for homework in the core subjects to all LAC placed with Sankofa between the ages of 11 – 18 (Key Stages 3 and upwards). ‘Sankofa Care eLearning’ is a live, online programme which enables teachers and young people in foster care homes to come together and learn in a virtual classroom. All children need is a laptop (provided by local authorities), a headset and installation of the online classroom, (provided by Sankofa) and they are away! At Sankofa Care we believe that it is our responsibility to support the children in our care to reach their full academic potential. With the ‘buy in’ from local authorities (i.e. purchasing a laptop), the young people can get to grips with subjects that they may be struggling with at school in a relaxed, informal and smaller group setting. This successful programme has been in operation since late 2009 and we have one Science and one Maths teacher (CRB checked) employed by the agency. All children receive weekly homework, regular tests and a ‘physical’ visit to their homes once a term to discuss their progress and how they are finding the system. The children have a chance to feedback once a term via an online anonymous questionnaire. This provides us with vital information on how we can improve our online education services for young people.