Every child and young person should have the opportunity to live as part of a family, especially young people who are considered as being ‘difficult to place’. As an agency we are able to offer a number of specialist Placements to Local Authorities;

–          Parent and Baby placements

–          Therapeutic placements

–          Remand placements

–          Disability placements

Parent and Baby placements
We offer three types of Parent and Child placements;

  • Assessment placements – assessing parenting ability over 3 month period
  • Pre-birth placements – helping parents to prepare for the birth of their child
  • Foster carer led support placements – teaching and supporting the development of parenting skills.

Depending of the needs of the parent and child, these type of placements could take placement in a foster carer’s home or ‘Canning Road’ . Depending on the level of needs and type of , a dedicated team will monitor and support the parent(s) and child(ren) in placement, keeping thorough records about how the placement is progressing, linking closely with the placing authority and others involved.

Therapeutic placements
Depending on the needs and the age of the young person, therapeutic placements can happen within the fostering home or in our Residential home  – Holly Lodge.

What is a therapeutic placement?
Therapeutic techniques are applied to engage with young people to gain understanding and insight their inner working model. This knowledge is then combined with child development and attachment theories to understand the young person’s inner world. This is then used to develop an individual treatment plan to aid the young person to work through their current difficulty and unmet needs. We have an in house Clinical Psychologist who can provide the young people with either 1- to – 1 or group therapy sessions.

A majority of our current carers and support workers have received therapeutic training and are conversant in suitable techniques and learning tools to aid the young people in working through whatever behavioural or emotional challenges that they have.

Remand Placements
We provide remand placements for children and young people who have been charged with an offence and are awaiting trial by the courts. Our carers work closely with Local Authority YOT Team and Youth Justice officials to ensure that all the conditions of bail are adhered to and that the – generally – short term placements go as smoothly as possible.

Disability Placements
All of our specialist disability carers have a can do attitude and are passionate about championing the needs of children with disabilities. We run specialist training courses throughout the year to ensure that their skills and caring techniques are up to date. Our long-term fostering placements offer a cost effective alternative to residential care and can be tailored to meet individual needs.