In August 2017, Sankofa Care opened its residential setting ‘Holly Lodge’, a home that is working therapeutically with children and young people. The home operates across two separate adjoining sites in a residential area of South London. Located nearby are health facilities, shops, parks, leisure centres, community centres and educational provision for all age groups. Holly Lodge and its annex offer a homely environment to the residents with individual rooms for five and four young people respectively.

Holly Lodge is a registered mixed home offering medium to long term placements for boys and girls aged 10-18 years (maximum 17 at the time of admission). Many of the young people placed at the home have experienced trauma and dysfunction within their family environments and have difficulty regulating their emotions and behaviours. They may also have experienced a number of care placements. The impact of their experiences may contribute to increased anxiety levels, loss of identity and self-confidence.

As an organisation, we believe that children and young people, regardless of their background or journey so far, deserve the chance to shine. We also believe that it is essential that in order for children and young people to develop their full potential and have a sense of personal identity, they need to have an understanding of their cultural identity/heritage and have access to the communities that they are from, in order to develop a true sense of “self”. We take a holistic approach in caring for children and young people by delivering a fully integrated service required to help them to overcome their difficulties, and prepare them for either a stable family placement, or semi-independent living.

Holly Lodge Children’s home core objectives:

  • To provide a non-institutional therapeutic environment based on an atmosphere of approval and acceptance of the individual as a unique person with a background, personality and choices of their own
  • To create an atmosphere where young people can learn to value and develop personal relationships by providing situations and experiences that develop trust, self-esteem and mutual respect
  • To provide a child-centred environment to enable young people to receive positive role modelling and guidance, through continuity of reliable relationships and consistent nurturing care
  • To assess the strengths and needs to create an individual placement care plan, which secures optimal outcomes for the young person in line with current legislation
  • To provide a safe, non-judgmental environment and encourage age-appropriate development and a positive future
  • To maintain an effective staff rota to meet the individual needs of the children placed at the home
  • To work in close partnership with other agencies, in order to ensure the stability and wellbeing of the placement, along with optimal opportunities for the young person
  • To provide outreach support to the young person and their family members through contact with significant staff members
  • To offer support for a move to independent or supported living if deemed appropriate

Please contact our Referral team on 0208 544 5100 or to make a referral, arrange a visit or request further information.