Here are a couple of useful links to get you started but if you feel anything is missing, please let us know.

Talk to FRANK – The down low of Drugs

Teen Issues – Because being a teenager isn’t easy

Advice – We all need some from time to time

Child Line – Not just aimed at ‘children’ Child Line is for anyone under 18 and young adults who need a bit of help and advice. Obviously everyone at Sankofa Care is here if you need to talk, but we get that sometimes you just want to talk to someone that doesn’t have anything to do with the three ‘S’s – Sankofa, Social Services and your Social Worker.

Voice – If you feel your social worker is not listening to you, there is independent support out there for you who will act as your ‘voice’ to help you complain about issues that you may be facing.

Know Your Rights! – There’s a Comissioner for Children, who promotes and protects your rights

National Youth Advocacy Service  – Another service aimed at helping you have your say!